About us

Aruchic's story began in August 2014 with founder Claire's deep love for nature and fashion. She wanted to design clothes that capture the beauty of nature while reflecting personal style. Hence, she founded Aruchic, a brand focused on sunshine, relaxation, and fashion.

By April 2016, Aruchic had released its first summer collection, which was celebrated for its fresh and vibrant designs. In 2018, the brand expanded internationally, bringing its unique vacation style to women around the globe.

Each Aruchic creation is meticulously designed to capture the brilliance and vitality of summer. Our designs are inspired by summer beaches, lush forests, and warm sunlight. We aim for every woman to feel the warmth and joy of summer in Aruchic clothing, confidently showcasing their style.

Our ultimate goal is to make Aruchic synonymous with summer elegance, providing women everywhere with the perfect blend of comfort and style for their vacation wardrobes.